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Lanitech WEB Design has been serving up quality, visually appealing websites since 1996.

We were founded by David and Vanessa Lane in 1996. The company has a strong clientele base and quite an extensive portfolio. Lanitech Web Design is based on the philosophy that not only should a website be highly-organized and function properly, but it should always look amazing!

We understand the entire website development process, from conceptualization to launch, is far too complex for one individual to master. Successful websites are made from a team of individuals who have mastered their piece of the web development process. Our team is comprised of highly-skilled and experienced individuals who work together in a unique team-oriented development environment. The result is a product that reflects the efforts of talented professionals who take great pride in their work.

This also allows us to remain as a unique one-stop-shop for customers. No project is too small or too large for our group of experienced web designers, graphic artists, and program developers.

About the Owner

With the explosion of the internet in the late 1990's the founder, Vanessa Lane, quickly realized how this new technology would forever change the way business was conducted. Her extensive background in IT, marketing, and desktop publishing, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit, became a perfect marriage of creativity and technical skills.

After attending College, she began her career as a Conference Manager working for a local Workers' Compensation Insurance Company, where she managed and coordinated high-level executive events with hundreds of participants throughout the country, including corporate training seminars, leadership forums, golf tournaments, executive dinners, tradeshows, and Board of Director's meetings and retreats. Everything from the audio-visual equipment, slideshow presentations, brochures, syllabuses, marketing/materials, menu selections, speaker contracts and travel, registration, to the linens -- all were in her hands to orchestrate quite extravagant events for hundreds of clients and executives. Colleagues and participants continuously complimented her on launching these elaborate events without a hitch, but they were more blown away by her creativity and technical expertise.

As her career blossomed, she worked for a few other insurance companies within that tight-knit community. Her new promotions always involved marketing and technical expertise, as well as organizational/managerial duties, including holding titles of Project Manager and Program Manager of Marketing. Vanessa was soon appointed as a Vice President of a local insurance company at only 28 years of age and was granted a seat on their Board of Directors. At that time she was simultaneously promoted to the position of Director of IT and Business Services where she was able to maximize her potential.

In the upcoming years the opportunity presented itself to take the hobby of web design to the next level -- a full-time, full-service web design firm. Armed with years of desktop publishing, graphic design, IT/programming, and senior management experience, she seized that opportunity and never looked back.

Vanessa has over 20+ years of experience in project management, desktop publishing, marketing, and web technology languages. Today Lanitech WEB Design continues to serve up visually appealing web designs, with an emphasis on creativity, quality, and customer service.